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  • Hard News: The United States of Surveillance?, in reply to Russell Brown,

    I really don't think an off-colour (or vile, if you like) comment made 18 months ago has any bearing on anything raised in your wider post. Classic playing the man, not the ball. Greenwald is a talented, ideological and very prolific writer and there would be many out there motivated to take him down a notch, especially given the major boost to his profile over the last few weeks and even more so because he is highly anti-establishment (it is telling he is writing a book about Chomsky and he goes out his way to defend the likes of Assange). Your flick of dirt in his direction is nothing compared to what he will be up against, but disappointing all the same. It's telling and somewhat encouraging that those exploiting his "rape a nun" metaphor couldn't find something more recent.

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  • Hard News: The United States of Surveillance?,

    <g>In part, this may be down to Greenwald himself. His dreadful invocation of a rape metaphor to respond to his critics over the weekend fell well short of the conduct we might expect of a public-interest journalist.<g>

    The link you posted is dated 2 January 2012 and doesn't appear to be related to Greenwald's recent activities.

    Have you got better evidence that he used a rape metaphor over the weekend?

    Very cheap shot.

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