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  • Hard News: A handful of deeply precious…,

    Thanks Russell, your work in this area is very important.

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  • Hard News: Lorde, the council and the…,

    Thank you Russell for displaying the absurdity around these alcohol laws. This is a world class event with our own local and supremely talented Lorde and should be treasured. I don't have tickets unfortunately but if I had tickets to Lorde at the Powerstation and was told that the venue was now Bruce Mason, I would be devastated.
    Music events like this are not an alcohol problem. The Council department responsible should quite frankly be shot!
    Thank you for showing the cultural ignorance of the Council officials and perhaps also the Police, We are regressing and it damns our supposed status as a an International Music City.

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  • Hard News: A weekend in a mad, lovely place,

    It was great walking on K Rd with no cars and so much room to move around. First Sunday of every month, every Sunday? It would really take of. Such a good vibe and all generations enjoying it.

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  • Hard News: Mt Eden: Not a closing but an…, in reply to Gareth Swain,

    There are many (mainly Asian) tourists walking up from their tourist buses, they look a bit anxious at the bottom but sure enjoy it at the top. I think it is a much better tourist experience, well in summer anyway.
    Russell, have to agree with you the place is transformed without cars and is a treasure so close to the CBD.
    Really not sure what the answer is for those who can’t easily walk. I think what has been done with a disabled access code is probably the best solution until some entrepreneurial student comes up with a rickshaw option!

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  • Hard News: Unscripted Drama,

    Ticket prices were massively discounted if bought a few weeks in advance and $45 for a 5 day pass was an absolute bargain if you were popping along for more than 1 day and I'm very glad to say I did.
    Great writing Russell and so true about time suspending as the catch is taken (or not) behind the stumps when you have that over the wicket view from either the North or South stands.
    Did you happen to catch the Swami Army in the South Stand? Unwavering support for their team, all spiced with marvelous humour and irony. I particularly enjoyed the chants calling for the DRS when it suited them and " We're BCCI and we do what we want"
    Two fantastic test matches at Eden Park in two years after a 5 year absence, we are blessed :)

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  • Hard News: Moving on, in reply to Robyn Gallagher,

    Not only viewers, but viewers of the right demographic!
    Think I might have unfortunately just slipped outside that range but certainly had the show on record every week.Let's hope you find another forum for your TV talents Russell and team.

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  • Hard News: What did you do yesterday?,

    We went to [( | Tiritiri Matangi)] for the day. Felt really connected to natural NZ,it seemed a very valid way of marking Waitangi Day. it's fantastic to see the progress made on the Island, the native birdlife, much of it very rare indeed is thriving. The reforestation is progressing well.
    Great to be able to support what is being done there and assuage some of the guilt of a 2 cat household :)
    Aucklanders, if you haven't been, put it on you list.

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  • Hard News: London's Burning,

    Hmmm, sorry didn't get that quote bit right...

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  • Hard News: London's Burning, in reply to Craig Ranapia,

    <q> Seriously, what is it with insurance companies and self-inflicted PR disasters?<q>

    Well that is the law and you can hardly blame the Insurance companies for acting on it.The Riot Damages Act 1886 covers this and essentially the Police are liable for damages caused by riot and must compensate the Insurers and presumably the uninsured if they act quickly (14 day limit for submitting claims)

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  • Cracker: Jobs Blows,

    I had terrible problems with my 3GS after the iOS4 upgrade, continually dropping calls, freezing and then resetting date and time back to 1970. A right pain when you correct the date and all the old alarms go off for a years worth of appointments and reminders.*Life flashes before eyes*

    Good news though is that a restore to factory settings (done in Itunes with iphone connected to its home computer) fixed everything up and the itunes backup restored everything (calendar, email settings, apps) except my music which was easy enough to copy again from itunes.

    Very annoying though and patience with Apple is running very thin, I will certainly not be joining the iphone4 or ipad users until they have been around for a good 6 months and preferably in 2nd generation mode.

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