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  • Hard News: Friday Music: The Curse of…, in reply to Mike O'Connell,


    This 12 string? Not sure of the venue, Windsor Castle maybe, sometime in 1988 with the Straightjackets. I do love The Chills!

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  • The Androidss: 'Auckland Tonight',

    Now that is something to look forward to.

    My record collection was stolen in a burglary around 1982 and I lost all those old Ripper/Propeller 7'' singles most of which I have never seen again.

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  • The Androidss: 'Auckland Tonight',

    I lived that song, though I never got to see the Androidss live.

    Tolls on the harbour bridge anyone ?

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  • Random Play: So You Wanna Be A…,

    I have enjoyed the dicsussion as well, but like to add the counter point that I got turned on to music when I first heard punk in the late 70's, I have loved music ever since. I love it for its noise, its chaoticness and the fact that any one can do it, and most can record it.

    For me musicianship and quality of recording are not what is important, it is about passion, enthusiasm, a great hook, jumping up and down and singing badly in the front row of a gig.

    My favourite recordings would probably be sneered at by some as being unworthy, but who cares. God Bless DYI and low-fi

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  • Hard News: Aiming for mediocrity. Again.,

    I have a couple of questions;

    When are are going to see some scale drawings of the waterfront stadium ? The "artists" impressions appear to show a building that is the same height as the power poles on Quay St - these are not 9 stories tall, the stadium is going to be massive, I believe we are under esimating how big and ultimately ugly it is going to be.

    What will this 60,000 seat stadium actually be used for after the RWC ? We cannot fill a 40,000 seat stadium now.

    Who is going to eat at all these new cafes, restaurants and bars ? Presumeably the same people who eat at all the other cafes/restaurants and bars, this cannot make good sense.

    Who pays for the up keep of the stadium after it its built ?

    What happens the users of the 2 wharves ? Where do they go, and who pays for the extension to the port to cater for these vessels and their cargoes ?

    Why has the nation been suckered into this dumb competition by the IRB ?

    I still fail to see what is really wrong with Carlaw Park, the things that are wrong with Carlaw seem to be OK for Eden Park or the Waterfront

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