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  • Field Theory: Sunday Bloody Sunday Newspaper,

    Not too keen on netball as a spectator but a lot better than trying to play. Played social mixed for a couple of years and felt like I was getting tinitus I got blown up so much.

    Good to see the U17 women's football getting a bit of media coverage over the past few days.
    This competition could be really important for not just football in NZ but for the country as a whole. If it goes well and gets good support it will really help NZ piggy-back an Aussie bid for the mens world cup in 2018. The exposure from that would dwarf the RWC.

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  • Hard News: British style,

    Dissapointed to see you haven't been to New Zealand Russell. You really should check it out, it's a lovely place.

    Here's mine (Russia and Canada do help make it look a lot more impressive than it actually is)

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  • Hard News: Aiming for mediocrity. Again.,

    I'm with Russell about what people want to do before and after sports events. The reason people tend to head home is that that is their best option as stadia are too often in residential areas accessible only by car.

    A trip up to the Arsenal is best enjoyed by pre-match analysis in the pub before-hand and post-match celebrations afterwards, but as it is in a residential area the number of pubs is limited and tend to be full so people don't bother.

    If I am off, however, to a gig in central town (either in Akld or Ldn), generally by public transport, I will more-often-than-not get dinner somewhere beforehand or meet my mates in a nearby pub.

    A city centre location with good public transport give people options that they don't have driving to Eden Park.

    Where will cricket test matches be played? When I was back home earlier this year I was watching a test match on tv and was shocked to see only about half a dozen people scattered around Eden Park, surely they couldn't justify playing them in a 60,000 seater (wherever it is). Maybe Devonport Domain or Cornwall Park?

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  • Hard News: Because I am weak,

    Just a few ideas:

    I fully agree with Davesparks as to the value of the TV shots of an iconic stadium showing off Aucklands waterfront to the world, especially if Yamis' idea of hosting a couple of matches in Australia's Football World Cup of 2014/2018 is more than a pipedream. Wouldn't it be nice to think the Southern Alps aren't NZs only selling point, the advertising on TV and in the press over here in the UK completely overlook Auckland's beautiful gulf. Also as Compie says public architecture can be a destination of it's own, I know so many people who say they have been to Sydney and seen the opera house, but no-one who has seen a concert (let alone opera) there.

    The comparison of the economic benefits of pre/post-match eating and drinking in downtown Auckland with sports fans wandering the residential streets of Sandringham, is obvious and also points to the fact that fans going to a downtown venue will be more spread out in their travelling times. Also the ability to hold concerts must help justify any extra investment.

    Aucklanders' reluctance to use public transport and the consequential lack of investment there-in is a disaster. Discounted tickets for sports fans is a good idea and may help educate Aucklanders that travelling without a car is not impossible (maybe some will try to use it Mon-Fri).

    As Compie said the experience of walking to a sports ground with thousands of fans (in my case Arsenal to stadiums both old and new) is something special and to think that when I come home to Auckland I could do the same down Queen St, from the Devonport ferry, or from a restaurant in the Viaduct to a world class stadium is very exciting.

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