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  • Hard News: NZ On Air and the bill that…,

    Who the fecking hell are the Taxpayers Union? I pay Tax, am I a member? I don't remember signing anything, or agreeing to their representing me - as a Taxpayer - on my behalf.

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  • Hard News: They want to blow it all up, in reply to Russell Brown,

    This tallies with an assessment I heard the other day from The Guardians Rafael Behr. The former Moscow correspondents take was that Putin's whole intention is to undermine the rules-based world, returning to a 19th Century system where the powerful states can rule unimpeded. It's the rational for Russian interference in the Brexit referendum, as well as the US election.

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  • Feed: My Life in Curry,

    Golden Curry was still there beside the Sainsburys when I departed my Clapham home to return to NZ 18 months ago.

    One slightly disappointing thing in the last few years was that many of the UK curry houses – including Golden Curry if memory serves' – had a décor makeover. Out went the old school regulation flock wall paper (just as flock got trendy again) and in came a neon and chrome vision of the 80's.

    My curry awakening was in London. When I left NZ in 1989 I do not recall many curries to be had in Wellington – let alone home town New Plymouth. I used to tell my mum I'd only be returning to NZ when there was a curry house on every other corner. Now there quite literally is......even within a hundred yards of my mums in NP.

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  • The NZ Web's greatest hits (and misses),

    R2 was great for me here in the UK while they were(i guess inadvertently)streaming TVone & TV2 live onto the net('got to see most of the last series of Eating Media Lunch at 384kb).a shame it didn't continue.

    also,what's up with the interweb pipe out NZ at the moment? all my usual kiwi sites are very slow to load and i can't stream any media(Bfm,RNZ) without chronic's only been like this the last few days.

    anyone else experiencing this?

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