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  • Speaker: Christchurch: We're not…,

    Yes, thanks for the post, I really appreciate all the Christchurch posts on PA (however, “unknown unknowns” was Donald Rumsfeld).

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  • Hard News: On Telly, Telly Off,

    As each region has gone digital, there must have been people for whom TV just ceased. What did they do?

    What did we do? Read books. Talked. A bit of coding. Watched 7days and John Stewart and Lorde online. I might even finish the weekend paper this week.

    Coincidentally, we just joined the local DVD shop. The DVD player still works, after all.

    We're just kind of waiting to see if there's anything on TV we want to watch anymore. Nothing so far.

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  • Hard News: Jonesing, in reply to Carol Stewart,

    You don’t believe in redemption?

    Having said that I’m struggling to think of any examples of where political careers have risen above such doofusy behaviour

    Clinton? Berlusconi? Gingrich? Edward Kennedy?

    Arguably, these are worse-than-doofusy.

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  • Hard News: Political Idol, or whatever…, in reply to Hebe,

    going botulistic

    There's your word of the year right there.

    My take is that if the Government can legislate to take away caregivers' rights to compensation and to legally challenge Government decisions, then the precedent has already been set, and the casino company in question should not be surprised to find its own property and legal rights legislated away in a similar fashion.

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  • Hard News: And so it begins, in reply to Rob Coup,

    I guess MoE didn’t provide aggregated data because they don’t actually have it… otherwise they’re just weaselling out.

    Note that the letter refers to a request for “the National Standards data returns from every school”, not for aggregated data.

    Also note that this is “one part of the request” and there is no information in the letter about the Ministry’s response to the rest of the request.


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  • Hard News: Where do you get yours? (Food…,


    Where to buy fresh produce in the northern suburbs, now that Molesworth Fruit Supply is a tile shop and the nice little fruit shop in Crofton Downs mall is being shut down to extend the supermarket?

    There's Moore Wilson's in Porirua, but it's a bit of aways.


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  • Cracker: On the Weekend: Rotoroa Island, in reply to Damian Christie,

    I love papers past!!

    You're welcome.

    Coming soon: more Auckland papers, and a range of smaller titles listed here.

    Jackie: I think Bigamy must have been our National Crime, in the early colonial days. (Later, I guess, it was the misappropriation of land. Now?)

    Papers Past can of course give you guidance on Vine Culture for Wine Making in New Zealand, with excellent advice on the varieties of grape.

    But watch out for the Vine Louse.

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  • Speaker: This is your National Library, in reply to Titus,

    I am someone with a better appreciation of the probity required of a public servant than whichever Nat. Lib. or Archives staff member/s shamefully leaked the cabinet paper proposing the merger with DIA.

    As a point of clarification, the SSC investigation found that:

    2.1 In the circumstances, I find that it is likely that the information used in the article came from more than one source.

    2.2 While it cannot be entirely discounted, it is more likely that the information was provided in a general way, rather than from the journalists having a copy of the Cabinet paper itself. If the journalists had possession of the Cabinet paper, the article could have been expected to have been more accurate than it was.

    2.4 While during the inquiry there were a number of illustrations of carelessness in the way information was treated, I did not find that any one of these was the cause of the deliberate unauthorised disclosure. However, they illustrate how a lack of care can provide an opportunity for someone to gain information which they could disclose to a third party.

    However, they also found:

    5.2 The evidence points to one of the sources for the journalists being either someone in the National Library, or someone being told something by someone in the National Library, who then passed this information on.

    The National Library was specifically mentioned in this way. ArchivesNZ was not.

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  • Speaker: This is your National Library, in reply to Sacha,

    Sorry, I meant within NatLib. We're a diverse bunch. But as noted we have a working group looking at collections and metadata access policies.

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  • Speaker: This is your National Library, in reply to Sacha,

    I'm wary of speculating too much further while our thinking is still being formed

    Isn't that how ideas are teased out?

    Maybe "speculating" is the wrong word. In the case of access & rights, I am interpreting other people's arguments for you, and I don't want to mis-interpret them.

    I'm happy to send a follow up on this topic in a few months when our collective understanding is a bit better.


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