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  • Hard News: Cultures and violence,

    This post from earlier in the year is to my mind the best, and perhaps only possible, response to mass shootings.

    I've never thought it a great idea to do in depth analysis of the perpetrators of extreme violence - going so far as to berate the TVNZ Newsroom in 1990 over their live coverage of Aromoana... but they went ahead and did it any way.

    Creating a culture of awareness but not sensationalism is going to be hard - it goes against the grain. But it has a better chance than gun laws in reducing mass shootings - at least there is no constituency in favour of respecting the feelings of mass murderers.

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  • Hard News: You know what ...,

    Hong Kong’s Apple Daily has already created a video of the attack on OBL

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  • Hard News: Ihug: still screwed?,

    Nic and Chris are on the money.

    Why use an ISP email address? By having you lock yourself into their service as people are understandably reluctant to change email addresses.

    Get your own domain name.

    Most registrars will redirect your email to wherever - an ISP account, or Gmail. I use as my host and registrar - I access this mail from my mail application via IMAP - but I also forward a copy of my mail to Gmail as a sort of backup and for webmail access.

    Don't use an ISP domain - you can drop iHug or whoever as an ISP and just move your email over to wherever.

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