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  • Hard News: Music: Three Festivals,

    Always enjoy reading your experiences at music gigs in my homeland Russell. I go to see Massive Attack for the first time tomorrow at AFAS Live (previously Heineken Music Hall) in Amsterdam. Capacity 6K. I'll be skipping the second half of England vs Ireland for that to get me a nice spot.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: A beat is more…,

    30 yo LINN LK1/LK280 & LINN Nexus speakers piped through an Airport Express from iTunes for my lounge. As I move around a lot I gifted my Linn Sondek and 30 year collection of vinyl to my niece. She was crazy happy with that.

    JBL GO for the bathroom piped through Poweramp on my Samsung with iTunes playlists loaded via EasyTunes onto a microsd card.Also useful to pack when on business trips.

    Marshall Kilburn via bluetooth for outside in the garden or the campervan, also fed though Poweramp. The sound from that is delightful.

    I only use Sony head phones when I'm working in a too loud office. Earbuds I loathe.

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  • Random Play: “Thank you, you’ve been a…,

    Here's a link to the Australian experience of concert etiquette. I particularly liked...

    The repeated yells for unsolicited requests can get you down. I remember a Birthday Party gig at Sydney University in the early 80s, when some idiot kept yelling out for them to play "Shivers". Eventually Nick Cave drew himself up to his full height, fixed the offender with a death stare and said "we don't play that song, you fucking pig". Cue silence.

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  • Speaker: Stink,

    Free RWC live via Internet


    It works.

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  • Hard News: Something up with Apple?,

    The Stooges boxed Complete Fun House Sessions is already on 'stooges funhouse', see Dead Boys vs The Stooges, all 7 cd's are illegal...

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