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  • Hard News: Time to Vote,

    Our family will be heading down to the voting booth together too. The kids are too young, but are interested already. Long may that last. No early voting for us as we enjoy the fun of voting on the day. Also, with the level of cray cray in this campaign, I want to wait right until the end.

    Many thanks to all the public address writers and commenters - so full of great information. You've made me re-embrace twitter and made my working output far less.

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  • Hard News: Crowdfunding Time,

    I've been a keen Hard News/Public Address reader for well over a decade now. You were my source of NZ News when we were living in Australia for 11 years. More than happy to send some well deserved financial support your way now.

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  • Hard News: The Short and Long of It,

    I'm another long time reader of PA. I found it when I was living in Australia in the 90's and it's been the blog I've read the for the longest period. I read this blog because of the content and for me everything else is window dressing. Long, detailed and well researched articles are hard to find in today's world where brevity seems to be the order of the day.

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