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  • Hard News: On the Clark candidacy,

    Former co-leader Tariana Turia offers lukewarm approval for Clark.

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  • Hard News: Dirty Politics, in reply to Craig Ranapia,

    First hand witness - non-participant. Can give you my eye-witness account off-line if you want it. Not publishing any more online, as he'll know who i am, and I don't need that.

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  • Hard News: Some Week,

    TV must cut costs, but must have a live cross. Hence, anything a short drive from the Auckland studio is a story.

    Come along to the Death Star next week and watch the expensive American consultant from Magid (pronounced maggot) tell all and sundry that the reporters need to be more active in their live crosses. Cue twenty-somethings walking and talking in their live crosses for at least the next two months.

    Phrases you wont hear from the consultant include context, history, Treaty of Waitangi, diversity, investigative journalism, depth, breaking stories, building contacts.

    The news execs (failed on-air journos), dressed identically in relaxed black business trousers and open-necked business shirts will nod sagely and congratulate themselves.

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