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    "From the segments on two different episodes I had the misfortune of stumbling on, it seemed to be all about Camilla and her jolly holiday capers. Someone give me a handicam and then I'll complain when my surfing holiday to Ngawi isn't broadcast in primetime..."

    Johnno - Im sure with my World Odyssey researcher/writer, cameraman and director I could make your surfing holiday into something interesting and get you an off peak slot.
    Its unfortunate that you stumbled onto only the more "traveller" segments of the show. I am sure if you get the chance to view a full episode you will find, as most people do, that most of the subject matter is far more interesing than me e.g The Secret War in Laos, Child Labour Ashrams in India, Zapatista's in Mexico, Rastafarian political movements in Jamaica etc
    I was over Charlotte's jolly holiday capers so attempted to create a travel show that was more than that...hope you watch the series.

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