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  • Hard News: A Public Address public appeal,

    Done. Hope it works out ... don't want to see this gem disappear.

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  • Hard News: Living with the psychopath,

    Hi Russell, I moved in with Paul right after you moved out. I had that same dinky little bedroom overlooking Newton Rd. I certainly remember "Gummy" and his claim to being the caretaker of the place. The scarier memory for me at those apartments was the hooker who lived downstairs from us .. she was slightly unhinged and slept with a rifle in her bed ... how do I know? One night she knocked on our door and asked for protection 'coz she thought people were after her, and foolishly (being young & naive) I went into her flat to help her, whereupon she showed me the weapon - drawing it from under the bedclothes ....

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