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  • Up Front: In Committee,

    Great reporting, thanks.

    This has reminded me of making submissions on the Homosexual Law Reform Bill: the mix of ghastliness & random amusement & dealing with the "smiling gentle bigotry". And the importance of being with like-minded people, whether or not they are speaking to submissions.

    The part that was amusing, at the time, was during an "anti" submitter's time, where he had apparently (we didn't get to see his submission, although there was some whispered discussion among us, wondering if we could get a copy, to check if we could learn anything) listed "homosexual practices". It was, apparently, quite a long list. Lianne Dalziel, on the committee, questioned him, "This is just a list of sexual practices, isn't it?".

    Later, that was a lot less amusing, because the polite, smiling, firmly confident, anti-law reform church leader was Graham Capill.

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  • Hard News: High anxiety, live,

    inconveniently scheduled (the only remaining screening I can find is 10am, Thursday November 1 in Auckland).

    also at my local, capitol, tonight ( - was dithering but will now go & see it thanks to your review

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