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  • Hard News: Public Address Word of the…,

    I reckon "Crypto" as it sums up the incomprehensibility of this crazy year.

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  • Hard News: Standing together, in reply to Andrew Geddis,

    It is hard to reconcile the Mai Chen fighting for the beleaguered underdog Phillipstown School and the Mai Chen writing to shut down a dissenting voice on behalf of a more powerful client....

    I think this comment is drawing attention to how the legal tool box is being used.

    Could Mai Chen decline a distasteful job?

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  • Hard News: A handful of battling billionaires,

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Bring Back Boxes,

    I'll also miss the St James, but perhaps there will be more demand for small to medium venues with the rise and rise of artist's 'direct to public' distribution and promotion methods leading to a greater range of smaller performances.

    I've enjoyed Golden Dawn as a venue, anyone know if it will continue?

    I'd also like to draw attention to this public music performance:
    "We won't stab you"
    Venue here:
    Yes in the pedestrian tunnel. 4pm today (Friday)
    Venues are passée, keep it public!

    BTW Larz Randa's latest really deserves more appreciation!

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: Free and Legal,

    I’m all for free music downloads that fairly compensate the artists, but unfortunately Freegal isn’t convenient and open enough to be useful.

    It’s restricted to some of Sony’s catalog, it only allows 3 songs per week and afaik it only promotes US artists – heavily – on the front page. There are not many NZ artists in the db, which they may consider a good thing depending on whether they get paid for these downloads or not. It’s not clear how Sony uses my library log-in data, browsing and download data. On the upside, the songs are DRM free.

    I tried to use and like it, but it’s clunky, makes one jump through many hoops for a rather frugal reward. The library e-book service is not much better. Full marks to the library for trying to be instant and digital but I think there’s a long way to go.

    (Firefox is working for me :)

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  • Speaker: Dreams Do Come True,

    Didn't see the TV election coverage, Tracey, but this article is great to read for the interesting and optimistic take. thanks!

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  • Hard News: Music: Radio is still relevant,

    Tuesday from 9pm: "Stinky Grooves" with Stinky Jim of NZ Label Round Trip Mars.

    I have the feeling that people who make a point of seeking out good music from a wide range of countries and genre already know and love Stinky Grooves, but I just can't go past mentioning it. It's 3 hours of fresh and satisfying pleasure.

    Every week I discover at least a few new bands/producers/artists that become long term favourites. Although I find music from far and wide - internet, radio and live - Stinky Grooves has informed my taste and introduced me to more of the music I love most over any other source.

    I've listened and enjoyed a few of the John Peel Sessions. Good and interesting to hear those bands I think of as seasoned classics introduced as new and upcoming by John! For those interested there's a large selection of torrents easily findable.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: When there were…,

    Interesting Nambassa video and love the Scratch 22 remix.

    ... the banality of the Hare Krishna acting-out. I’m quite partial to some spiritual music, but Hare Krisha only ever had one song. And it’s rubbish.

    And this comment isn't banal? I enjoy the Hare Krishna mantra, and they actually have many other songs. I think the Hare Krishnas are cool: invariably friendly and calm.

    Anyway, here's a more positive contribution which the Nambassa vid reminded me of:

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