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  • Hard News: Tooled Up for Food,


    This Instant Juice Press No. 2 makes short work of a grapefruit glut. A present from a lovely flatmate, from a second hand shop in Symonds St back in the 90s.

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  • Hard News: Where do you get yours? (Food…,

    Supermarket: new world mt roskill. Good range, good wine, friendly staff, plenty of room to move.

    Fish: delivered on a Thursday by Something Fishy (fresh and smoked, love their smoked salmon) .

    Fruit and veg: parklands, by the Balmoral Warehouse. Great quality.

    Bread: la voie francaise on Dom Rd has the best baguettes, sensibly priced too. In fact anything from there is good. Coffee and a croissant for 5 bucks is a good way to start the day. Wild Wheat for bagels.

    The Persian Network on Dominion Rd (Balmoral shops) is good for feta cheese, fresh dates, flatbreads and spices that can be harder to find elsewhere (like dried limes, sumac).

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