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  • Hard News: The unstable Supercity,

    And has the lesson been learned? Not in Wellington. There's still an elite bunch of movers and shakers who think the one voice of a Wellington supercity will speak for them and is therefore a good thing. The rest of us will pay for their mistake, as usual.

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  • Hard News: Radio being made, in reply to Rich of Observationz,

    Nice to see this, and hopefully replay is available immediately and forever. Unlike the one hour you have to hear the last hours audio news. What's the point of that I wonder.

    Doesn't seem to have the Livestream capability to start playback from the beginning before the end of the show.

    It's radio, the non-jealous companion and while a few pictures is cheap and good with Internet services like Skype et al, I'd be disappointed if it tried to go "show" over "tell." That's not why they joined and its not core aptitude.

    If the flourishing of channels has taught us anything (and it possibly hasn't, more generational and individual idiosyncrasy than that) it is to do what you know how.

    The Checkpoint logo is a better cutaway than cycled web pages, but best would be a faux "second screen" experience for radio.

    It's definitely its own thing and my heartstrings have remained fortunately unplucked, nonetheless I enjoy it immensely, even if timing means watching/listening isn't an easy option. RNZ has really got to get over whatever legacy horror of replay it has exhibited since the onset of easy record/replay.

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  • Up Front: So Farewell Then, UCSA,

    We'll never be able to break the spell

    The magic will hold us still.

    Sometimes we may pretend to forget

    But of course we never will.
    Three perfect years -

    Perhaps there'll more?
    Life's only beginning you know

    Oh yes it's not that I want to stay.
    It's just that I don't want to go.

    We mustn't look back,

    No we mustn't look back.

    Whatever our memories are.
    We? mustn't say these were our happiest days,
    but our happiest days so far.

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  • Hard News: Mega Strange, in reply to Craig Ranapia,

    Thanks for the link. For the record I registered on the site with a throw-away address, my taste for spam not so much.

    I'm sure publishers won't be angsting over that bit of obfuscation

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  • Hard News: Someone has to be accountable…, in reply to ,

    There is no fucking clue at high political levels about IT integration and how quickly it balloons into an unrecognisable monster, consuming every dollar in its path.

    Not much chance then of this coming to pass?:

    A recent Treasury report looked at the cost of government agencies' back office functions and concluded they could save between $230 million and $425 million a year.

    The savings would come from greater sharing, standardisation and automation of back office processes and systems.

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  • Hard News: And we may never meet again ...,

    > But, by the same token, it does irk me when people who'd scream blue murder about someone breaching the letter of the GPL seem to act as if the creator's right is valueless.

    The GPL is a public good, IPR is a private monopoly.

    I'd react differently to them too.

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  • Hard News: The Future of the Future,

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  • Hard News: The back of a bloody envelope,

    Just a typo among all the good sense, "underwritten" not "unwritten"

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  • Discussion: On Copyright,


    1. Recoup costs with fair margin
    2. Costs of production by anyone are declining
    3. Costs of enforcement by collective are increasing
    4. No scarcity of product has been demonstrated

    Thus the suggestion would be, and evidence supports, a much shorter term is sufficient.

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  • Hard News: Track to the Future,

    I've used the example of rail tracks and rail services separation extensively to support structural separation of telecommunications generally and Telecom specifically, thus I have a personal investment in thinking the structural reunion of rail, even under the control of the Government is no great thing.

    Structural separation of rail has a chequered history, in the UK it was a disaster when both layers were private and seems to have come right with the non-profit collective model on the bottom and competition on the top.

    The flaw, as I see it, in the NZ implementation was the State took over the rails and then inflicted a monopsony on itself by granting exclusive service rights to Toll. Always a dangerous move. Solid Energy I imagine is one customer who would love to have paid OnTrack and run their own trains. Those on the East Coast might have found a way to fund services without having to meet Toll's ROI.

    As you note,

    We can hardly pretend that the railways and ferries were doing well before the National government sold TranzRail

    and we have no guarantee, but certainly a well founded suspicion that once rail is vertically integrated again, it will behave like most, nay all, vertically integrated transport network operators. At least we know we're going to be subsidising rail.

    Odd isn't it, just when we cleave Telecom into three, we cleave Rail back into one.

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