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  • Hard News: Hope and Wire,

    This is a strange post from me...but as well as thanking Russell for the original post, I want to thank all who have contributed, especially those from Christchurch.

    I was in England for both of the major earthquakes ( and as I say that, I now have a little more understanding of the continual quaking...because it is more than the word 'aftershocks' conveys). And although I have a sister and many former teaching colleagues in Christchurch, I have not been able to understand the effect.

    So I looked forward to watching this last night, especially since I have some respect for Gaylene Preston's previous work.

    I read the initial reaction on social media and was puzzled, but the exchange on here has really helped me get much closer to the issues.

    So thank you have added much to my knowledge and hopefully, to my insight.

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  • Speaker: The secret Christchurch…,

    Thank you, Greg. Articulating the emotional grinding was excellent, especially for someone like myself who has been out of the country, let alone away from ChCh. for the last five years.From the outside one can grasp the enormity of the earthquake, but not the daily pressure of the seemingly endless consequences, such as flooding, and faulty infrastructure, particularly the hidden kind.
    And I too was really annoyed with Morning Report's Suzie this morning. I did want to hear Lianne.

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  • Busytown: One, two, three, go!,

    Thanks so much. I am waiting for the M5 to clear so as I can make it to work and I read this and smiled and cried. I too love it when the siblings have this wonderful relationship. My two still have it 25 years later!!!

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  • Hard News: It's not OK to just make…,

    Thanks, Russell, for this column. I have always appreciated your informed comment. It is the back up to your argument with references that I have so much appreciated and which is so sadly missing from our columnists and commentators in NZ media. It is almost a belief that to support your assertion with some references and facts is to make you nerdy. When we make celebrities out of the fourth estate we weaken our democracy and the quality of our argument.

    I loved those advertisements. Far from being men hating, they were celebratory of the broad range of men who have recognised the value of working through conflict within families without resorting to might is right.

    I also love the adverts about depression. We have men who are able to lead and speak out. Thank you all.

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