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  • Year in Review 2006,

    Thanks Dan - you obviously have too much time on your hands. :-)

    nicely done

    Hey Russell!

    Every year is weird - this was not that different to those previous years but humans seem to forget pretty quickly. With the swings and 'round abouts of politics who would have contemplated the return of Bill English?

    I like it. :-)

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  • Summer Holiday,

    Climate is what you expect - weather is what you get.

    I was talking to the lady who owns the dairy, she was bemoaning the cold wind and rain. "Where is summer?" she cried. I had to remind her that the holiday season is filled with horrible weather and that she should never go camping in Coromandel Peninsular 'cos they always cop a huge downpour.

    Good weather doesn't start until you return to work. Murphy's Law almost guarantees that ... :-)

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  • Ockers not so keen on Outrageous Fortune?,

    I seem to remember the first season got off to a clunky start but the convoluted stories start to improve. The Aussies have some surprises in store. :-D

    There are of course the quota claims. No matter which way you slice it the Aussie quota - the culture of home-grown production - has helped the struggling NZ industry, but it is an accountant's argument - what's the bottom line $$ - that would include OF as any part of the hard fought Aussie Quota. The local actors/writers/directors guild have every right to protest its inclusion as locally produced.

    Solidarity Brothers! :-)

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  • Random Access Memory,

    Very good

    If you pop up the directory tree to

    there is a whole swag more.

    They seem to be of variable quality but it is good to see kiwi animation on-line.

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