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  • Hard News: Where do you get yours? (Food…,

    Zany Zeus of the yummy organic milk and cheeses have just opened their first retail store in Moera, Lower Hutt. Along with the usual milk and various cheeses, they have expanded their range into include yoghurts, smoked cheeses and icecream.

    I love their creamy feta, haloumi and sigh…… peanut butter and jelly ice cream.

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  • Capture: Cats Love Cameras, in reply to Bart Janssen,


    Gorgeous Artemis and her lurv for her couch :)

    Here's my partner in crime, Buddha, in his favourite pose:

    His head resting on my leg while I work on my laptop - watching me intently.

    Sometimes in this mode he will move his head slightly and move the magnet on his collar close enough so that my laptop goes into standby mode. This ensures he gets the attention, rather than the laptop. :)

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  • Capture: Christchurch: Last One Standing, in reply to Kebabette,

    Wow I used to work at CCC and it is kind of strange to see the building looking like that.

    Thank you all for posting these photos - it has been 13 years since I left Chch but it still has a spot in my heart - living somewhere for 10 years will do that to you. Seeing how it looks now is disconcerting and somehow unreal. Streets that I knew so well, are now strangers to me. I must come back and reacquaint myself with the city it is becoming. Until then these photos are haunting glimpses.

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  • Up Front: Where You From?, in reply to Islander,

    Hunts Beach - so many, many moons ago but such a glorious memory of a wild place that echoed the wildness and angst of my, then, teenage heart.

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  • Up Front: Where You From?, in reply to Islander,

    Islander, you have reminded me that one of the things I love about the South Coast of Wellington is that it reminds me of a wonderful couple of weeks I spent in a beach settlement outside of Fox Glacier - the wild waves slamming down onto the beach and the winds coming off a inhospitable sea.

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  • Up Front: Where You From?,

    It took me almost 30 years to find 'home'.

    Born in Nelson but moved to Christchurch for Uni and then work. Loved CHCH for 10 years but missed my geographical locators (hills). It seemed kinda wierd, almost claustrophobic, that the sky came down to meet the plains without the buffer of the mountains. That's how living in the suburbs of CHCH felt to me.

    (Oh CHCH how my heart still breaks when I see the images of those crumbled buildings that I had lived and laughed in.)

    Then I moved to Wellington. Fell in love with the city and particularly the South Coast. For years I had dreams of living on a hill above the sea - suddenly it made so much sense to me. This is were I'm meant to be.

    I think I have always been a Wellingtonian at heart; a bit quirky, a bit wild, a lot of fun and never static.

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  • Hard News: Holiday Open Thread 1: Beach…,

    Long walks in the early morning sunshine along Wellington’s south coast was the way I started many of the days of my holiday. So relaxing and invigorating – with some great photos taken.

    The four other holiday themes were:
    Spring (summer?) cleaning / reorganisation of my flat – first chance I have to do this since I moved in.
    Studying for a project management course I’m doing this month.
    Catching up on all the movies / tv shows I had missed over the last year
    Catching up on all the books I have brought but not actually got around to reading. Found a new series that I got addicted to.... :)

    Thanks goodness my flat has views out over the sea…. makes all the housework and study bearable.

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  • Busytown: The shakes,

    As a grad of the Classics department at U of C, I'm hoping that the Logie Collection survived. But remembering how that building swayed in previous small quakes...... I suspect there may have been some losses.....

    And all those books in the Library........ so wish I was there to help.

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