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  • Hard News: Footnotes,

    We could fund, for example, the independent journalism venture we have talked about in the past.

    Off topic but this thread seems all over the place as it is, have you seen this?

    Swinburne University's Institute for Social Research has established a Not for Profit foundation to help develop new ways to fund and support journalism following a trend that has already found traction in the US.

    The Foundation for Public Interest Journalism will support investigative, interactive journalism while exploring ways of making good journalism sustainable in the new media age.

    Dr Margaret Simons, a journalist, author and lecturer at Swinburne, says the foundation was being developed because of concerns about the impact of the global collapse of the business models supporting traditional media forms.

    Dr Simons says this is a serious threat to journalism, and therefore to the health of our society.

    Bringing together journalists, publishers, academics and community representatives, the foundation will develop and test new business models for the industry.

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  • Hard News: The strange story arc,

    I heard that. DPA, the Salvation Army and one other group got invitations. That is not the community and voluntary sector. Tina Reid represents lots of groups through the Federation of Voluntary Welfare Organisations (and a huge sector workforce paid and unpaid) and there are other umbrella organisations like ANGOA.

    The community and voluntary sector are having their own invitation-only workshop today

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  • Busytown: I believe in miracles,

    I just don't know if it would have felt so universally moving, and I don't know that I'm happy about that, because isn't that insidious sexism at its best?

    Seems to me it is just that a win by a woman would have been much less historic. If it had been Hillary she may have been the first woman to lead the US but Golda Meier was elected Prime Minister of Israel in 1969 and Thatcher of the UK in 1979. So, not exactly new territory for the rest of the world.

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