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  • Hard News: A handful of battling billionaires, in reply to Myles Thomas,

    I suggest that you make the most of reading the Guardian. It is owned and run by a non-profit trust, as you say.
    Howver the paper loses money and the trust fund is running down. I understand that at the current rate of the paper losing money it will be broke in about 6 years.
    You may not like him but the world actually relies on people like Murdoch, with a genuine love of papers, to keep them alive. The Times in Lindon would have died years ago without him and the best paper in Australia, the Australian would never have existed without his pouring money into it.

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  • Legal Beagle: Sanctuary!,

    It isn't really related to the content of your contribution but you brought back happy memories of McCully's newsletter. It was of course very political but it wasn't malicious in the way that, for example, many of the 'Red alert' postings so often are.
    What used to surprise me was the time of day they were often despatched. Didn't he ever sleep?

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  • Legal Beagle: Election '11 -…,

    I suspect that if the "best losers" made up the list MPs we wouldn't have had David Parker as an on/off candidate for the Labour party leadership.
    He certainly wouldn't have made it to Parliament after the election. I think he may even have lost his deposit which isn't very commmon for National or Labour candidates.

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