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  • Hard News: Christchurch: Is "quite good"…,

    I suggest for those interested that they check out Warwick Isaacs chat with The Press.

    Some of the answers around inner city residential etc are on there.

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  • OnPoint: Association of Community…, in reply to Bart Janssen,

    That's all very well, but how does a home grower add all of those things that make cigarettes just so more-ish and delicious.

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  • Hard News: Nobody wanted #EQNZ for Christmas,

    All fine out here in Bishopdale, forgotten how much I hate that noise of multiple burglar/car alarms going off. The second one might be bigger/closer than the first one.

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  • Legal Beagle: Election '11 -…,

    I feel pretty strongly about this. Say I want to vote for say, NZ First, and I don't want vote electors in other electorates having a say in my party vote choice. If I feel strongly as a voter in Christchurch that an MP that fertilises lemon trees effectively is important to me then I don't want reactionary right wing saddos in Takapuna denying my right to representation by a clear and publicly availalble list.

    More importantly, I took a look at the relative party lists and made a decision to vote for the Greens in the hope that Mojo Mathers would be elected ahead of my second choice. Yep, I might miss out - I hope not, but I don't see why my party vote choice should be dependent on the voting choices of electoral voters with nothing in common with me. A profoundly deaf MP would make a substantial step forward in the political representation of my family and I think that's a good thing. I am deeply skeptical that this would be possible in a system where she would have to run and do well in a general electorate.

    Sorry, I'm a long time lurker never commenter, but this idea makes me cross! I think this is what Sanya Baker was saying more cogently than me.


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