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  • Access: A letter from Aunt Daisy about…,

    And while we are on the subject, whatever happened to:

    NZ's aerial mapping heritage, where the original negatives/plates were owned by NZ Aerial Mapping which went bust a couple of years ago making it exceedingly difficult to access the images not already in ATL, and horrendoosly expensive for anyone trying to get scans of prints out of Opus or other local surveyors which happened to have copies of prints covering their areas ($160 for access to a single contact print with a magnifying glass for a few minutes in my local surveyors office)?

    LINZ's pre-300,000 survey plan scanning archive done in the late 90s/early 2000s at exceedingly poor quality, unsearchable except by plan number (no metadata etc), and no only accessible via private title search agents at a minumimum of $15 a plan, or expensive 3rd party property information services costing thousands?

    Fairfax's photo archive that went to the US for scanning?

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  • Southerly: The Truth About Talkback,

    Simply superb. Thanks for a fun start to the morning :-)

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  • OnPoint: British American Tobacco,…,

    We know how the dots were joined, Keith. Nice work and a fine line walked without tipping over into the kind of self-rightesousness that comes all too easy with the subject matter.

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  • Random Play: The Seduction of the Strange,

    Being very modest about hotel accomodation I have used the Quality/Comfort Hotel in Cuba St several times and have enjoyed the made-over heritage building (its a registered Historic Place) in a relatively central/convenient location.

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  • Hard News: Bowie for the BDO?,

    4WD (Low Ratio) by Jethro Tull. One of their worst, synthy pieces, and an ode to the new rich moving to the country with their Land Rovers, apparently. But when the piano comes in at about 0.50 seconds it sounds a little like Tori Amos. And there is still some nice riffing from Martin Barre as his blue roots show through the robot "Low ratio" vocals :-)

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  • OnPoint: Manufacturing Dissent,

    Surely the next most depressing thing apart from the spiralling numbers to be locked up, is the tiny, tiny amount for sommunity psych and probation services: $19million from $1.8billion over four years. WTF?
    I am already tired of hearing Collins talking point "We are not going to let dangerous criminals out on the streets" without anyone asking about although not-particularly dangerous criminals who pose little risk but currently great cost to the community.

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  • Hard News: Rodney on the Road,

    I am reminded of an old, regular Harry Enfield gameshow sketch, "Call Me W@nker".

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  • Island Life: Bye, bye, you peculiar guy.,

    I discovered Jethro Tull just late enough to miss their New Plymouth concert in 1993 but still soon enough to suffer the abuse of liking a band recently mocked on Instant Kiwi advertisements.

    I burned with the kind of obsession only a teenage geek boy can sustain...Three years and thirty Tull CDs and assorted vinyl and bootlegs later, it was all over.

    Its been along time since, but I can still hear elements of Warchild in the most recent Supergrass joint, how deeply Ian Andersons music saturated my soul. I still get shivers hearing Ian Anderson keening at the start of A Passion Play,

    Can you still see me, lying still/
    The silver cord lies on the ground/
    "And so he's dead" The young man said/
    Over the hill, not a wish away/

    ...Aqualung and Thick as a Brick are ok to, but :-)

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  • Southerly: Bubbles Over Blockhouse Bay,

    Ah thats just lovely David. Three of my grandparents were dead before I knew them, and the fourth died before I was ten. My memories of him are of his bachelor pad at Pahi and strong smell of his wee in an unflushed toilet. That, and a ocean liner-shaped shot glass caddy.

    My dad died five years ago so all I have of his popa for wee Charlie are memories and photos, the ring on my finger which he likes to gum, and the old Laz-E-Boy which he is currently nursed in, bright orange polar fleece over tatty brown velvet.

    "Mares eat oats
    and Does eat oats
    and little lambs eat ivy
    A Kid'l eat ivy too, wouldn't you?"

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  • OnPoint: "Smokescreen," I scream,

    Are you talking about Ralph Nader's sister Craig? Why is she so popular all of a sudden? Mind you, I do hear good things about her Controlling Processes course!

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