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  • Hard News: Last Words,

    I am currently braindumping on what I see as #TheKeyProblem people have been missing over on my new blog, Key Problems, and hoping my old blog comes back on line soon. I’m sure some of you will remember me from the 2005 election season, although I did not get involved here back then. I was playing antiwingnutarian defence in the comment sections of JTC and No RIght Turn, and various other places. And briefly, on my old blog,, which I hope will come back to life soon after my little “Meta Key Problem” is resolved. I’ll check back in here after I’ve braindumped a bit more, and had another look at my #MetaKeyProblem. Also see a few pointers I’ve tweeted with @mrtiberias, who is brand new, following a bunch of people, and could use a few more friends so tweeps don’t get the idea he’s just a followspammer!

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