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  • Hard News: Fact and fantasy,

    When reading the Herald this morning I discovered a quote from Dr Joyce:

    "One cow produces 14 times the human equivalent..." - so in doing the sums -

    14 x approx no. dairy cows (6.2 million) + 12 (just a guess) x approx no. of beef cows (3.8 million) + humans ( 4.4 million) = 136.8 million human equivalent waste producers - HEWP* (ignoring the other domestic animals).

    Our population density of 16.4 person per square km becomes 511 HEWP per square km.

    When compared to the human population and density of the UK, 63 million and 268 per square km respectively, the scale of the challenge on dealing with the waste takes on a whole new perspective.

    BTW, the UK's HEWP is 588 per square km, though there's a few more people contributing to dealing with it. In contrast, Japan's HEWP is 381 vs human density of 337 per square km.

    *Not exactly scientific I know but I thought it was an interesting way of considering all of the shit being produced.

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  • Hard News: Judge Harvey: My part in his downfall,

    Could someone kindly clarify what it was that Judge Harvey actually said? The Herald reports it as "...[the] U.S." and the BBC reports it as "...he is US.". Russel on the other hand wrote that he tweeted "...he is us."

    Just wondering as the reference to 'us' vs 'U.S.' are rather different, though that won't make any difference now.

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  • Hard News: At home with the art-hackers,

    This maybe old news for those interested in alt means of interacting with your computer but Johnny Chung Lee has been working on some alternative uses for a Wiimote controller - finger tracking, interactive whiteboards (on any surface) and VR head tracking.

    Another source of Wiimote related projects can be found here.

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