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  • Hard News: On Freedom, in reply to Russell Brown,

    I did consider that, but ended up deciding that other people (eg: Wired) had considered it and chosen to still simply describe him as a “co-founder”, so I would too.

    Ahhh, apologies, I should have known you'd looked at it and made a conscious decision to use co-founder. I haven't seen the Wired coverage, but I would tend to trust their position.

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  • Hard News: On Freedom,

    Minor point... Swartz was a co-owner of Reddit - it was co-founded by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian. They merged with Infogami, Swartz company a year or so later. Not to diminish his role or deeds before or after Reddit and I'm sure to most it seems like a pedantic point. But if we're all sad/angry about the death of a guy who 99% of people had never heard of last week we should at least do him the courtesy of getting one of his main contributions to the Internet correct.

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  • Radiation: This Is Not My Dan Carter,

    Anyone else got anything similar to recommend?

    How to make it in America - It's the Entourage of the East Coast. It just makes you want to be a cliquey hipster douchebag in NYC.

    And of course Treme. Good enough to watch just for the soundtrack.

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  • Hard News: Fear, authority and ... Judy Bailey?,

    He tells the story of his two-year-old son running into the road, being knocked down and ending up in hospital – but how, far from learning his lesson, he ran out into the road again, forcing Sigman to give him "a whack on his backside, accompanied by a good shaking". Did it work?

    Let me get this right... the child got HIT BY A CAR and was not persuaded through that (fairly substantial) physical force to stop running across the road, but a whack on the backside did the job. What did he hit him on the bum with, a bus?!

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  • Field Theory: Settle a bet,

    Surely it's Pulp Fiction... Tarintino dialogue at it's best, the whole movies one big quote. "Example":

    "It's the one that says BAD MOTHERFUCKER"

    "Have to be one charmin' motherfuckn' pig"

    "Zed's dead baby, Zed's dead"


    "A Royale with Cheese"

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  • OnPoint: British American Tobacco,…,

    All I can think of is the Chewbacca Defence (terrible quality video alert...). I rest my case.

    You're not acknowledged. Of course.

    I noted that myself. I gave Keith a mental hat tip on their behalf - small audience I know, but at least SOME credit was given.

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  • Cracker: Hands in the Middle....,

    But... at the same time, nothing really bad happens either. The binge drinkers have long since binged and bust. The guy who was going to get violent ended up passing out in the corner about 2am, got woken up and went home. The alcoho-pop fuelled young woman about whom one exclaims "she must be cold" has long since had an emotional meltdown in the bathrooms, thrown up on herself and been put in a cab. 4am is where the wheat really is separated from the chaff.

    Thanks Damian, top post! Just one thing, is it the chaff or the wheat that's left behind after 4am? When I played the stay-up-past-dawn nightclub game, I'm sure I thought I was wheat, but looking back I imagine I was fairly chaff-ish...

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  • Hard News: Catching up with the future…,

    Can anyone point me to a good webpage on how to buy a TV in the 2010s?

    A good starting place:

    Wired HDTV guide

    HD Guru 10 best This is based in the States, so you might have to do some googling to figure out what the NZ version of the TV is, but we do get most things. HD Guru's actually a pretty solid site for advice.

    Main thing - DON'T get sucked into buying expensive HDMI cables or power boards at the shop!

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  • Hard News: Catching up with the future…,

    Signing the UN Declaration on the Symbolic Aspirations of Indigenous Peoples....

    ssshhh, that's a secret part of the show

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  • Hard News: Catching up with the future…,

    Normally I like to leave obvious typos alone, but this is just SO COOL.

    I spell checked it and everything! How stupid is my spell check that it didn't know I meant Chef. Still, Master Chief could be a great show... hunting bison, peace pipe preperation, teepee erecting.

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