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  • Hard News: Fear of Cycling, in reply to Kevin McCready,

    I agree. It is about being assertive and where it might be dangerous to stay to the left, I move out into the lane until I consider the danger has passed and it works well.

    As an aside, I was for Copenhagen-style bike lanes a few years back, but as a car-less cyclist living in Melbourne, I find the Copenhagen-style bike lane on La Trobe Street to be more dangerous than ordinary streets. Pedestrians spill out onto the cycle lane with no consideration that there might be a cyclist coming. People cross it without looking, while talking on their mobiles. Almost every time I use it I have a near miss. I'm now more for the ordinary streets with a cycle lane to the right of the parked cars, or a dedicated cycle path well away from streets.

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  • Hard News: Fear of Cycling, in reply to MikeStead,

    Rugby helmets wouldn't actually help with concussion. Watch the movie Concussion with an excellent performance by Will Smith to see how even wearing helmets in American Football still leads to severe brain damage for many players. For rugby, the introduction of compulsory mouth guards has led to a sharp reduction in concussions.

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  • Hard News: Sky and 2020,

    Hi Russell,

    On May 1 this year, it will be 20 years since Telecom launched its first real consumer ISP – Xtra – kicking off the mainstreaming of of the internet in New Zealand.

    I think it will actually be 21 years.

    I worked in the telemarketing team selling Xtra services from late 1996 until June 1997 so I'm pretty sure that the launch was in 1996. FWIW, Wikipedia agrees with me.

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  • Up Front: The Up Front Guide to Internet…,

    Two of my family members have met their wife through internet dating and given how happy they now are, it seems to be a great way to meet a life partner who is well suited. I've never tried internet dating (Not because I think it's bad, but being happily married for 15 years means that I don't need or want to date anyone else).

    Having heard some horror stories and read the ones from above, I apologise on behalf of all males everywhere. I hate saying hello to a woman and having her look at me like I am a potential rapist/stalker/..., but given her likely experience of the general male population's attitude towards her, I can completely understand her response. Unfortunately I don't see that changing any time soon.

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  • Speaker: Istanbul 2016,

    Fabulous photos.

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  • Hard News: All right, then – take me to Rio,

    Further in keeping with tradition, a young Australian sportsman has been a bit of a dick

    I dunno. I kind of agree that if an athlete has been found guilty of doping, then they shouldn't be at the Olympics.

    I hate doping. I can't enjoy a performance like Katinka Hosszu's yesterday, breaking the world record by more than 2 seconds, without being very suspicious and that really annoys me.

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  • Speaker: The Uncomfortable Silence,

    Thanks for sharing Amberleigh. I love this sentence: "Ask me how he lived though." So right.

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  • Speaker: Living under bridges,

    I agree about the shared space. We have a lot of shared pedestrian and cycle lanes in Melbourne, and they are not a good solution. Three people walking abreast will completely block both directions, and a large number of pedestrians are completely oblivious to their surroundings while using mobiles.

    Separation has to happen. It is not a case of there might be accidents between cyclists and pedestrians if separation does not occur, there will be accidents. It doesn't need to be a large fence between pedestrians and cyclists, but something that visually dissuades pedestrians and cyclists from entering each others' space.

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  • Legal Beagle: Somewhere* it's National…,

    Great post. And yes, the Statement on Intellectual Freedom is wonderful :-)

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