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  • Hard News: Meanwhile in Epsom ...,

    Let's see: Airways, the power companies, NZ Post, Solid Energy, TVNZ, KiwiBank (if one doesn't lump it in with NZ Post), KiwiRail, and that's just the ones off the top of my head. The cupboard is emptier than it was, but it's by no means bare just yet.

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  • Hard News: Meanwhile in Epsom ..., in reply to Christopher Nimmo,

    Don Brash as minister of SOEs.

    What SOEs?

    The ones that he will sell off within his first 100 days, of course. His aim will be to be the first Minister in history who does away with the need for his portfolio entirely intentionally and through his own actions.

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  • Cracker: Another Capital Idea..., in reply to Danielle,

    One could start by capping public service salaries at the amount paid to the Prime Minister. Why should anyone get more?

    Amusingly, one of the reasons that Dubbyah got the first Presidential pay increase since Nixon took office (Clinton signed the law but wasn't allowed to benefit from it, since no President can authorise an increase in their own pay) was so that the US public service could offer more to the top-end. The effective maximum civil service pay is the same as a Cabinet Secretary's, and that must be lower than the salary of the President.
    I do rather like the rule that the person who signs the law cannot benefit, I have to say.

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