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  • Hard News: Still sounds good,

    A friend of mine in Sydney - Chris Familton, a fellow NZer - told me of this blog so I've dipped in, and gratefully. I was drawn to this article more than the others, given Wayne Elsey's untimely death and the strange parallels it had to my own life. Several years previously, two of my school friends had been walking across the very same rail bridge on which Wayne died; unaware of the approaching train, they were both clipped and thrown - dead - across the side and into the river below. How sad and astonishing, then, to later learn of Wayne's accident. It's been almost 30 years since I've been back to where I spent most of my school days, but if I did return, I'd definitely drive out to the bridge for a quite moment or two. And by the way, "Joe 90" remains - to this day - one of the finest moments in Antipodean rock...

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