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  • Hard News: The Peter Principle,

    Great Historical Society Russell, I'm with you on the Voom. What genius! Glad you mentioned Johnny (sp?) Pain's b logo. Not enough people remember that. Perhaps Kevin Roberts would call it a Lovemark even.....

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  • Random Play: Following The Songlines,

    Music tribalism is SO last century.... people just need to get over revelling in seperateness and realise that sneering at other peoples taste is just them avoiding the bleeding obvious. That it's all OK and in the words of the great Tom Robbins they need to LIGHTEN UP. Have missed the Kim Hill Leonard Cohen thing due to being away but I did originally think it was a great idea when I heard he was coming - now I'm not so sure. What if Kim f's it up, f's him off? There'd be no coming back from that one.... Kim, do you dare go there?!

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  • Hard News: The odds, and the simply odd,

    JK and the seatbelt: Yes I double checked on MySky rewind cos I wondered too. His electorate car is a crappy old Holden - I keep seeing it around. I guess he's going for the "man of the people" look with it but personally think he should bling it up a bit - we all know he's loaded and probably dying to be driving a Bentley or something fancy. That would be more "aspirational".....

    Matthew Hooton: I generally hear him on radio so would have enjoyed seeing him going ape-sh**. He seems to be rather manic. At times he is perfectly rational sounding and others he sounds like he might be foaming at the mouth. I wonder why he is so volatile?

    Labour's ads are also on Trade Me. Seems to have been quite a good media buy for their campaign. National should have banned those old ladies from getting up and doing the embarassing dancing at their launch. That will lose anyone with any taste I'd venture.

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  • Hard News: Heard any good tunes lately?,

    Muse and The Streets reminds me of Scribe & co at the BDO 2007 which incidentally I thought rocked the house. Nothing like a bit of bluster mixed with searing guitar. No-one much agreed with MHO tho' I seem to remember. Didn't Muse play that year's BDO too?

    Micah P Hinson & The Red Empire Orchestra has crept into my heart. The music is a bit down at times but there's something very charming about it, him and the whole shebang.

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  • Hard News: Radio Times,

    Here's my take on it all.....Kim says "fillum" on purpose to annoy everybody I'm sure. My favourite NatRad person hands down is Cosmo from Country Life on Saturday mornings (and Friday evenings). He is pure talent - in a slow calm bovine kinda way. Morning Report - I can't believe I'm saying it but I think Geoff's use by date is fast approaching. Noelle in the afternoons - sorry but Willie and JT on Radio Live (despite being the second most annoying radio hosts on at that time) get my ears whenever she is in the chair. Bill R is just being provocative cos he wants to up his audience.

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