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  • Hard News: Still sounds good,

    Hello – a fan from London here, who’s never been to NZ.

    I got into SJF in around ’93 and was lucky enough to see them live in two of their London shows in ’94. The ‘Powerhouse’ gig remains in my all time top 3 to this day. Singing along to Dialling a Prayer and She Speeds, the end guitar solo in Cast Stone (which still makes the hairs on my neck stand up), and dancing pogo style to all the classics from ‘Blow’ – great memories. I even managed to grab a sneaky recording of the gig.

    While I agree with all the tracks mentioned above, it’s that album that does it for me most consistently. It’s pure rock and roll bursting with energy, melody and subtlety from start to finish – there’s not a weak track on the album. Strangely enough, I played this album in my car yesterday, and the CD player broke, so it’s now stuck there until I break it open! It could be worse.

    How I’d love to come to NZ and see these gigs. So, if you feel inclined to offer the free tickets to me, all I have to do is to work out how I’m going to get there! Failing that, somebody, please record them…

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