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  • Hard News: Music: Three Festivals,

    Probably the same dude at Bene who screamed at me to “put [my] fucking leg down!” as he barged past me leaning against the bus stop on his way back from the front. And so many young women careering through audience throngs. Noticeably ruder than any of the guys trying to squeeze through. Just my observation

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  • Hard News: Music: Avantdale is something…,

    Wow. Rudeboy looks fantastic!

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  • Hard News: Reassure Me: cannabis,…,

    Not sure that this editorial from the head of MAGS in the school newsletter today is helpful. Did i miss the part of the proposed legislation that allows schools kids to legally take marijuana?:

    The Great Brain Robbery
    Educators and parents will be closely following the debate around potentially decriminalising or legalising marijuana.

    That our political leaders and even one former Prime Minister are advocating for the ‘normalisation’ of drug use within our communities is concerning to say the least.

    I prefer to seek the opinions of researchers and medical experts in this area. A recent article, which you can read here, by Associate Professor Giles Newton-Howes, from the University of Otago’s Department of Psychological Medicine, reinforces the evidence associating marijuana use with “psychosis, anxiety disorders, cognitive problems and addiction”. He goes on to state: “The link between cannabis and anxiety disorders is most pronounced in teenagers.”

    It is almost unbelievable that adults in significant leadership roles in our country are prepared to advocate for a policy that will further damn New Zealanders, and young New Zealanders in particular, to a future that compromises their long-term mental health and their ability to lead full lives.

    While many adults who should know better are sending mixed messages to our young people about the safety of drug use, at Mount Albert Grammar School the message is clear: Drugs will never be an acceptable part of our school community! There is no such thing as a ‘legal high’. Learning and drugs will always be mutually exclusive.

    At MAGS we will take every step to ensure our school remains drug-free. The potential of our young people can only be realised when the mind and body are healthy and the learning environment is safe.

    It’s a good time to bring our sons and daughters into this discussion. They need the guidance of the right adults in their lives – those who really care about their future!

    Have a good week.
    Patrick Drumm

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  • Hard News: Big Night Outage,

    ‪Does anyone know where to buy those reusable heat packs? (Not online) Like the ones that you use as pocket warmers but larger, table mat size.‬

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  • Hard News: Big Night Outage,

    To make matters worse I just received an app notification that power had been restored. Arrived home and it hasn’t.

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  • Hard News: ACL: The best of times, the…, in reply to Morgan Nichol,

    LOL- yup, perfect timing :-)

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  • Hard News: ACL: The best of times, the…, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Oh I did- but at the time I had available away from acts elsewhere there was a 'comedian' on followed by some sweary rapping.

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  • Hard News: ACL: The best of times, the…,

    Wow. Different experiences then.
    I was front and centre for Grace- as I'd always intended to be- and loved it. Had no idea what was happening next door after, other than what I could hear, and just assumed that was the next act starting. I'm not a festival organiser so also assumed that what happened was supposed to happen. If Grace could organise to get a promoter to presenter her in NZ as she deserves then she has that option surely?
    As it happened- lucky us!

    Graham Reid wasn't so enamored. Like I say- different experiences.

    I followed her act by saying good night to my ailing love and heading straight to Beck's stage for a "4 rows back and centre" spot to watch the last few overs over the cricket on Sky Go on my iPhone with some quickly-made new acquaintances while we waited, and then had a great time. I did wonder how he was coming across up the back as- from my POV as a first time observer but fan of the latest album- he didn't see like a natural or polished 'entertainer'. But his band were, and the show itself was top notch.

    Golden Dawn Western Springs was not what I'd gone for- pushed the boat a bit further out you might say ;-)..and enjoyed acts I heard only heard singles from (she was also keen to hear George Ezra), and ones I was interested to experience after a few month's Spotify acclimatization. As such, even with wilting wife in tow for her first fest (and I've done all but one Laneway and the sole Soulfest), I felt this was great value for money.

    I did wonder (as I did at Sweetwaters 2000...) if the event was paying its way- there seemed waaaay too much room, and relatively short queues for everything except the loos- but I saw Drax Project (a personal fav), Grace, and Beck for the first time, and then walked home up the hill. Awesome.

    My main complaint about the lack of a decent drink seems petty in hindsight. I went home with only one beer inside me because the choice of alcoholic beverages was so poor (as I didn't go inside the GD enclosure I never discovered that wine was an option at that one spot- I even briefly considered Red Bull an Vodka for the first time)- and felt fantastic! So, winning all round.

    But that was just me.

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  • Hard News: Friday Music: A melodic thread,

    Don't forget to report that booking fee to Consumer NZ's rip-off fees page.

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  • Hard News: Do e-bikes ease traffic…,

    Despite my reluctance to support a sponsored post I did click the link but got a 401

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