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    If you are considering signing up for the new Orcon naked DSL service I suggest you hold fire. My experience so far has been extremely frustrating. I requested to keep my current phone number (changing numbers is a pain) but instead they allocated a new number (I only discovered this when friends let me know that my number was no longer working). I asked them to fix this 5 days ago and it has not been resolved.

    The broadband access worked for 1 day before that stopped as well (the speed tests indicated about 8 Mbit/s which is a bit disappointing given that I’m only 1 km from the exchange, but still a massive improvement on the speed I get from iHug). I notified Orcon 3 days ago that the broadband wasn’t working but have had no resolution.

    I’ve wasted hours of my time trying to get through to the Orcon Help Desk. Most often you just get an engaged signal. The few times I have got through I’ve waited on hold for up to half an hour before giving up. The Help Desk staff are very friendly and apologetic but seem to have limited technical skills.

    I’m at the point were I just want to cancel the whole deal but I can’t get through to anyone to do this! They have a separate customer disputes line but this just diverts to the Help Desk (not very useful).

    I can only assume other customers are also having issues based on the inability to get hold of any support personnel and the long delays getting this resolved.

    I would be interested to hear if anyone else is having similar experiences. All very disappointing really.

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