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  • Speaker: The Shaken Generation,

    This may be out of the field, but you wonder about the 'seeming' lack of empathy in our world, reported daily in our papers, the ability to walk in others shoes and I wonder if this'modelling' by Senior politician is part of this process. I find it deeply disturbing.

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  • Hard News: Public Address Word of the…,


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  • Polity: An Orwellian Alice in Wonderland, in reply to izogi,

    Just read Michelle Boag'so column. What she doesn'the understand and from my perspective was how amazingly radical it felt to see a group of wonderful staunch women standing up to bullying , patronizing middle aged men, who belittled their experiences of sexualassault/abuse. I felt they were speaking for so many of us and it was extremely powerful.

    As a woman in my 50'spare identifying with other stories, it felt like they were standing up for me too and also the sheer volume of stories makes it so visible about the 1 in 3 statistic often quoted for woman.
    The way the speaker patronized Marama Davidson on her first day at question time and then the next day to those women just mirrored so many experiences in my own life and somehow that these strong, articulate powerful women get treated like this, made me realize that my experiences are not about me, just the way many men in power patronize women.
    This may seem like I am a slow learner, but the impact of serial abuse on a
    Person's whole life can be extremely detrimental, but these women get it and they are speaking for all of us.
    This came out of the debate over Christmas Island and while it can be seen as Key trying get to avoid the subjects to me it has been another powerful stream of discussing how women are really treated in our society and how all people who have experienced harm are treated, stories untold, and what happens when they try to tell their stories to the powerful...... men, women and children included.
    So this week in Parliament felt real, from these women. While this week has saddened me beyond measure their strength in standing up for those that haven't had the platform or support , they are our stories .
    MICHELLE they are our stories, our stories

    And the contempt ......... that is what we have been dealing with all of our lives, the PM has just shown the world this and us. ..Contempt and no care and for young women the world should have changed by now. ........however....

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  • Polity: Cold, calculated and cynical, in reply to Russell Brown,

    How useful to call people psychos.. So offensive . All of those people have their own story which we don' know, yet some of our supposed leaders are behaving so badly..........really makes me sad about the lack of care for others and their families, after all a man died there recently and how that is still unknown. The truth needs to be got at.

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  • Polity: Cold, calculated and cynical,

    And to me one of the most important points is that no one should be detained on Christmas Island in such horrible conditions. ITS SO FAR FROM anywhere, there is no way of getting direct consulate support. Australia should not be allowed to treat people like this .. New Zealanders and all others . There will be a multitude of stories how people end up there.
    I understand why Kelvin is so frustrated, he has been there and seen it and talked with people that are there, has connection. I also think that Serco has the contract needs further investigation. I think the United Nations or ????should send a fact finding team there. Because all these supposed ' facts' are blurring what really matters right now.That Centre should be closed down and Australia government needs to be challenged on so many levels.

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  • Up Front: Fringe of Darkness, in reply to Lilith __,

    yep agree with you Lilith, what the F***? indeed

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  • Up Front: Fringe of Darkness,

    This is all so tough to read.especially as the one who reads like an apologist for some of what happened. There is so much evidence about effects on children of sexual abuse and so obvious of the power imbalance between the adults and children I am really struggling to see how anyone can defend it. Guess it's time to stop reading now

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  • Up Front: Fringe of Darkness, in reply to Kyle MacDonald,

    Really outrageous that she gets to do what she does. I don't understand how that can happen and how she wasn "t struck off her professional list.

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  • Hard News: News from home ..., in reply to warren mac,

    Yep I agree, a chance. This has happened.It is. People jumping straight into bagging mode doesn't seem very helpful.

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  • Hard News: Terror panics and the war imperative,

    Can someone help. When I try to watch Maori Tv on replay like on this post, get no image only sound. I use samsung tablet, which is fine for tv1 etc.I really want to watch this so any help gratefully received. Lynne

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