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  • Hard News: An unhelpful column about cannabis,

    Russell, FWIW: I just want to acknowledge the serious journalism you've done on the issue of cannabis law reform over the years, and the equally serious advocacy for same. IMO the high calibre of your contribution has raised the bar and forced the argument into a better place. So, thanks and keep it up.

    There is one argument in favour of legalisation which I'd like to hear more widely made. It seems to me that a whole new industry would emerge involving new investment in productive businesses, new jobs (rural and urban), new tax revenues, R&D into value-add products and applications (including non-psychoactive hemp). It just seems like a huge economic benefit is there for NZ in legalising. In other contexts economic benefit is normally enough to convince 40%-50% of the population without even trying.

    I don't prioritise economic benefit over the harm reduction arguments, just feel that it is an argument with potential to appeal to many.

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