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    Hi Russell, yeah, it was Murray and Ian I was mainly thinking of - in this digital age it's so weird to think back to how those poor guys had to manually lay out everything. But I know you did the hard yards too, writing all that great copy on a typewriter. My kids can't conceive what it's like not to be able to easily move text around at will. My stories of having to hand write university essays, then completely rewrite if you needed to insert a few sentences for length, add a new source or whatever, just sound like "10 miles in the snow" to them.
    I don't get here as often as I'd like, but always enjoy it when I do. Loved your first RIU review - your talent was obvious! Wish I still had my first ever published review - of the Crocodiles playing Pakuranga College circa 1980.
    Off to listen to that Kim Hill/Murray/Chris chat that someone kindly linked to.xx

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  • Hard News: Rip It Up: A history of us, a…, in reply to Ian Dalziel,

    Usually dependent on how much cash from the Mail Order books came out of the PO Box at the end of the day – Duran Duran fans kept us fed!

    I remember Murray coming at me after mail runs to rattle the envelopes and see who’d sent cash instead of cheques. And I remember how sad I was a few times at Darby St to come in on a Monday and find you all there pretty much as I’d left you on Friday. You guys were troopers!

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