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  • Hard News: Fear of Cycling,

    Speeds are one thing, driver attitudes and aptitudes are another, especially in heavy and slow moving traffic and in bad weather.

    This morning for example... it was wet and dull (mind you, meteorological conditions are largely irrelevant for the final example)
    1. Car pulls into the Clear Way/ bus lane outside Satya in Mount Eden Road right in front of me... brake, turn, eyeball the driver who at least apologises
    2. The car two-cars in front of her then does the exact same thing, pulls into the bus lane to pass another car, almost hits me. Yes, I have blinking, high lumen lights and a fluro jersey.
    3. Whilst waiting at the lights to turn right from Newton Rd into Upper Queen, at the most right-hand point of the lane, basically the most vulnerable point you can be in, a taxi drives past in the right hand lane. Yes it's a straight ahead / right turn lane, but FFS, he was millimeters from me!

    I used to be a firm believer in sharing the road rather than separated routes, but all I can say is Lightpath was dearly missed during its closure! Separated is absolutely better...

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