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    Great discussion, thanks for posting Dylan. In my opinion, this debate needs to be seen in light of anti-siphoning plans, as well as looking at hybrid models. Regarding the latter, there's a case for having TV1's linear feed as an ad-free public service broadcaster, but with sponsorship allowed. Catchup and streaming can remain commercial (revenues here are currently low, but will grow). Sponsorship + steaming revenues can be used to develop non-commercial programming. This gets around the (real) problem of shoe-horning a public service broadcaster into a commercial operation. For clarity, I'd keep TV2 fully commercial. In terms of anti-siphoning - its a real possibility that in the not too distant future the likes of Sky will be outbid for big ticket sports rights by the likes of Facebook, Snap, Apple etc. This I think opens the door for the govt to enact similar rules to Aussie, & legislate for major sports events to be shown on free-to-air. How? digital and streaming rights carved out for VodaSky or international giants, linear rights sitting with TVNZ - who would also be able to monetise through selling on air sponsorship. Clear as mud?

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