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  • Legal Beagle: Voting in an STV election,

    You said: "For example, if the quota was calculated as being 100 votes, and on the first round, one of the candidates got 125 votes, then those excess 25 votes are distributed according to second preferences. To make it fair, the second preferences of all that candidate’s voters are used (not just the last 25!); this would mean that an extra 0.2 votes would be added to the second choice of each of the voters that had chosen the winning candidate as their first preference."

    I'm a bit lost on the second sentence. Can I clarify it's not only the last 25 votes, but also not any combination of 25 specific votes?

    I understands that you are saying all the second preferences are tallied. Are they then divided proportionately into the equivalent of 25 votes, and that proportion is what is re-distributed?

    So, 2000 votes are cast. 1334 are needed to win. One candidate gets 1500. All the second preference votes are calculated and pro-rata shared into 166 votes (ie. 1500-1334) and then that amount of votes gets allocated for the next count.

    This came up at a public meeting tonight, and a few people took the view it was 25 specific votes, leading to comments that it seemed the election result would change if a different 25 votes were used. I'd be keen to share the correct answer if you have time to comment. Thank you.

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