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  • Hard News: Obscuring the News,

    Here is a clue – all of these newspaper sites are using “Outbrain” plugin for International paid advertising links. Those stories provided by Outbrain” are all very similar, moronic, meaningless, hyped up crap – form around the globe. All newspapers are now following that same model, dumbed down sensationalist BS. Outbrain is actually an Israeli owned company. And oddly enough, a very large amount of the International media are controlled by Israeli businessmen – Howard Marks would be one good example – an Israeli/ American billionaire who controls Media Works via his Oaktree Investment Fund. The agenda is very clear, and global, buy up and control the media and dumb it down. And no doubt make sure the reporting on the illegal wars and genocide in the Middle East is not being covered, not least the ethnic cleansing in Palestine.

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