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  • Up Front: Cui bono?, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Russell I wasn't aware that Autism was curable maybe the WINZ people should explain how this can happen and what world beating research they used. This was always one of the more idiotic ideas, that long term disabilities could suddenly disappear. Apparently God works for WINZ but does not tell them when the miracles happen!

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  • Polity: Let the big lies flow,

    "They want to ensure Labour stays in opposition, and they stay in Government. So they try to find and exploit flaws in your policies" there was a time when governments were about more than the 3 year cycle, they were about ensuring that their citizens were feed and looked after to a minimum standard. That was how we got state houses, pensions, state schools etc. Admittedly almost exclusively brought in by Labour Governments. Now they are looking at what happens when large populations are frozen out of the work force for life. We have 2 choices allow the corporations to run mad and have Victorian conditions or have a sane society were provision is made for citizens to have a life where they are feed and have shelter. Seems to me if everyone is part of society they need to do their part to make society function.

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  • Hard News: The unstable Supercity, in reply to Ian Dalziel,

    Having been involved in a couple of SAP roll outs, they always deliver less than half of what is promised, always has to be extensively modified even though it is supposed to be an out of the box solution, always is way over time and way over budget. Once delivered a large amount of rework is required as for every upgrade large amounts of customization is required. Also the base product is always delivered by development houses overseas and the travel/accommodation costs for the staff required for set up is never disclosed up front.

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