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  • Hard News: Fix up, young men,

    Oh you don't like it when people challenge you? Yes, we have established that. Going to call me a twat too? Reframe this all you want but a bunch of people saw those tweets and they know what you said and they have seen you do this before. The screenshot as well and the search that shows how often you call people twats is clear as day. I haven't been fed anything (patronising much?) - I saw the whole exchange and just like heaps of other women on Twitter who have seen you in action I've been disgusted by your grandstanding here. So keep on claiming she drove you to use a word you just never use in public and it was all her and she is part of pile ons and anything else to attack her character. You're not convincing everyone...and the fact that you're still having a go at her after all this time says a lot.

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  • Hard News: Fix up, young men, in reply to Sacha,

    The only time you've ever used that term? Because she incited you? Umm ok but you basically constantly use misogynistic slurs. I mean that specific one alone? Hundreds of tweets and You literally called a woman a twat when she was talking about men intimidating and attacking women who have asked them numerous times to LEAVE THEM ALONE on Twitter. You're so concerned about pile ons apparently but never when women are the victims. She had been attacked by dozens of people and you kept into a tweet about that after you'd harassed her all day to call her a Twat. And now you're doing it again - reframing an issue and pushing attacks on her and claiming she incited you into calling her a twat. And Russell you claiming she is regularly part of pile ons without any evidence at all other than you both don't like her. Using your massive platform once again to bully a woman when she can't defend herself. All on a post about how you *really care* about the safety of women. This is gross.

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