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    I've found the sight of the unendorsed Lockwood Logo the other day, flying from the Auckland Harbour Bridge instead of the Tino Rangatiratanga flag? I mean, genuinely offensive. If they were going to take something down, the old relic should have been removed instead.
    Yes, I tautoko your comment above but the old relic does represent the united tribes of Great Britain from whom we are all largely descended. The Lockwood flag flying was truly offensive.

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    Home places
    Our Rotorua state house from about the age of about 7 (1944 - 1958). I remember the stability it gave our family, the sense of our own home after living precariously with other people. Another place of standing was my grandmother's cottage in Kawhia - built by my grandfather. It was kind of huckery then and probably still is; I had the mumps there and spent my time in the whare out the back reading, firing a water pistol at my nuisance brother and existing on bread and butter dunked in sugary tea - painkillers didn't seem to be on offer. My usual room was the covered-in-verandah-room of sleepless sunburn nights. My brother and I fished a lot, 6d went a long way on bait and peppermints. There was the year my grandmother hired a horse for me to roam on. My memory of that happy summer freedom was hardly spoilt when on returning home and boasting to my best friend "I had a horse for the holidays" I was properly gazumped by her ... "and I had a boyfriend".

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