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    The main workmanship problem ( there were a few ) was that their builder was supposed to install 'dripper lines' from windows - which are meant to run right to the bottom of the building inside the cladding - taking any water away - this guy fudged that and installed about 10 cm lengths of dripper line ..( so looking from the top you'd think they went all the way to the bottom - but he'd chopped them off short - god knows why ! ) which would have taken water straight down INTO the framing .

    The Building Inspector seems to have had his doubts about this builder and decided to look behind some unfastened cladding and spotted what he'd done.
    Quickly gave him a " FAILED " which gave us grounds for redress - you can't argue when the building Inspector fails you.

    If that builder had been self regulating we'd be in deep shit around about now.
    I cannot believe they'd even THINK about doing away with Council Inspectors.

    Oh wait ..yes I can .

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    We built a house about 6 years ago and had major problems with a supplier ( of colorsteel) and a sub-contractor who worked for the supplier applying their cladding.

    We were getting nowhere with complaints to the supplier about their substandard product and their sub standard 'subbie'...( they both claimed that everything was fine and we were just fussy ) until we had a scheduled visit from our Council Building Inspector who looked at what they'd done and promptly failed their work. After that we got action.

    I dread to think what would have happened - how long we would have been in dispute with these people - if we hadn't had a neutral Building Inspector.

    We also would have had a building that was rotting away from the inside , as a person hired to fix their shoddy workmanship pointed out when he pulled their work apart and re-did it.

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