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  • Hard News: Friday Music: A beat is more…,

    I love getting lost in music in the gym. Blue tooth buds. Gangster Rap, fast and heavy rock and roll for the boxing bag, and a definite King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard, Moon Duo psych vibe currently for the monotony of the rowing machine. Random iPod headphone mix for walking the dog – which is a solid hour and half – though i have started listening to whole albums in order as well. Then there’s being lucky enough to do the odd border radio show on b, although it’s hemmed in genre wise – that’s really nice way to get quite involved in what I’m listening too. ’Cos if I’m playing it, I’m listening to it – which is why i don’t answer the phone. And like so many I’m sure, sides of vinyl at home for 20 minute blocks of housework.

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  • Hard News: Rugby Now,

    I was going to post some kind thoughtful response but I've defaulted to saying how excited I am for the Lions Tour. In a few weeks, my son and I are having what I think will be the best day of rugby on the planet this year: The Kings / Grammar first VX match followed by The Lions V NZ Maori at Rotorua International Stadium. I'm also looking forward to reading Dylan Cleavers book, sounds fascinating.

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