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  • Hard News: A better thing to believe in, in reply to Steve Johnson,

    Well Steve you do make some valid points

    "so it is only natural that companies and organisation would want to align themselves with our national religion to make money off it. And the media are only feeding us what we have an appetite from, as they need to sell papers and adverts to stay in business.”

    But does this "national religion” (the All Blacks) reflect our democratic society, where everyone believes in the same thing?
    The term “cult” would be far more correct in my opinion as the media or political actors are pushing a hegemonic ideal on the public.

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  • Hard News: A better thing to believe in,

    I might be one of many, however I find the glorification of the All Blacks tiresome. Now I’m not from a family that was bought up idolizing them, and I do respect the players and the sport, however when will we give credit and recognition to other sporting teams that have won major championships, or even came close? It’s fair to say NZ has gone All Blacks mad; there isn’t an advertising space that isn’t plastered with All Blacks signage, just look at Anchor milk and Whitakers. Or take the petition for Richie McCaw as Prime Minister.

    Oh well, looks like I will be turning my newsfeed off when the Rugby World Cup starts, as I’m presuming this will take center stage across every New Zealand media outlet during its run, I wonder if anyone will be commenting on the NZ Flag debate then?

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