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  • Polity: Refugees and aid - we’re laggards,

    I believe that New Zealand can defiantly handle more than 600 refugees taking these 600 over the next few years is not the impact we need. I believe we need to take more of an immediate action. I agree with the above comment from Steve suggesting that if our economy is going to become to strain from 600 people we are already in a dire situation. I find it hard to believe that if these country’s that have been mentioned above are able to take these large amounts of refugees and New Zealand is not. In 28 years we have not changed our quota for the number of refugees we take each year. The fact that we are also spending a pathetic amount in regards aid to the refuges. Our country has plenty of space for more people. These refuges are willing to work. They are capable people that are in need of a place to live safely. We as a country need a to make a choice to make a difference and convince the government to make more changes. People are always willing to volunteer and help. If there is a debate about weather they can speak English it has been made clear that many of them already speak English. It is up to the public now to make sure that as the news begins to shy away from this issue that we keep it active. The public must continue to put pressure on the government to make more changes and help these people.

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