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  • Access: How many agencies does it take…, in reply to Angela Hart,

    As with many situations we encounter, a properly thought through and applied solution is likely to be much more cost effective as well as better than the ad hoc situation we seem to have.

    But it wouldn't bode well for GDP (Gross Dithering & Procrastination) What would happen if the Wheel Reinventing machine was to shut down?

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  • Access: How many agencies does it take…,

    Mind boggling when professionals tell you directly (genuine experience) that three times the cost of the equipment will be spent analysing, peer assessing (flying experts in from Wellington….cream cakes ‘n’ drip filter coffee) and debating whether the ‘essential piece of theraputic equipment’ is actually required. A process with no guarantee of actually getting said equipment, despite the in depth analysis.

    Oh no, now I am back to my elaborate job creation scheme thesis, apologies!

    God forbid we have people trying to rort bip-bap machines out of the system for the thrills!

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  • Access: How many agencies does it take…,

    The piece of medical kit should have a back up battery built into it. We had an unplaned power outage the other night, when somebody drove a car into a power pole up the road.

    Absolutely agree Steven. If the technology doesn’t exist it seems like an incredible design flaw. Minimising risk doesn’t need to be overly bureaucratic-simple and practical has merit too.

    Your family member, to my mind, is best served at home, satus quo with the old bip-bap machine: comfortable and stress free in a familiar, loving environment. What a wonderful support you are for them Angela.

    Good on you for reaching out to your local MP. It is easy to dismiss pollies as being only concerned with seeking/holding portfolios and other bits of whimsy and self interest…….BUT…..I found my judicious use of my Nelson MP’s position when a dire situation emerged gleaned a result.

    My local MP Nick Smith, and his office, were efficient and effective for my family when we were caught up in the horror that is the ORR’s funding application. They responded immediately and followed the case without drama. I have to say (irrespective of party politics) his office served us well on a local advocacy level.

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  • Access: The First Day, in reply to Fiona Mckenzie,


    Congratulations Fiona, thrilled for you!

    Big milestone for Claudia too, everyone gets to that point of differentiation from Mum and Dad and it’s a metamorphosis alright.

    Parents like you make me feel really proud.

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  • Hard News: Hug Reform, in reply to Russell Brown,

    I actually liked the way the light fell on my nicely-stacked wood

    Of course you did *hug* because it’s wood innit (I see the folly of my ways now on the bigger screen).

    So I return my Celebratory hug for finally seeing what it wasn’t (water catching the light over schist) and ask for mercy and a hug because I obviously need glasses!

    Off to ponder the simple beauty of abstraction.

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  • Hard News: Hug Reform,

    Celebration hug!

    I have been liberated from pondering the conceptual basis of the fastidiously stacked firewood on the Hard News twitter banner. Not it is.

    Aaah, sweet relief.

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  • Hard News: About Chris Brown,

    Aspergers, then.

    Aspie speaking here.

    I must have taken your post literally. I am struggling with the nuance.

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  • Hard News: The positive option of Red Peak, in reply to Sofie Bribiesca,

    That should sit nicely with what John Key Inc. wants.

    Who recalls the fabulous Freudian slip last election when Key celebrated the fact that NZ was a “Multi-National Country” rather than multi-cultural?

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  • Access: Safe schools for everyone,

    Well, maybe not in the _most_ appropriate place….but in the text, somewhere.

    Yes indeedy, if you didn't laugh you would cry ; )

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  • Access: Safe schools for everyone, in reply to Rosemary McDonald,

    cut and paste’ option would be fine…

    Too true Rosemary, and on that note I have cut ‘n’ pasted my submission from the last review and resubmitted it to the committee. Everything I wrote last time is still live so where is the harm in repeating myself……

    That said, it is just a talkfest. The CYF’s enquiry has hit the nail on the head. The bureaucracy eats the money while the frontline starves.

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