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  • Envirologue: 1080, "eco-terrorism" and agendas,

    Can't let this blog pass without making comment. I am one of those people, derisively dismissed throughout as Looney extreme left greenies that detest 1080. Unlike the writer I have, as an ex-DoC and NZ Forest Service employee, had a lot of first hand experience with this particularly cruel poison.
    I have watched animals die from it, I have participated in research projects on it, and lived in forest that's been subject to 1080 drops, for many years. It's an arrogant and shocking way to treat Nature. It's continued use, symbolises the level of ignorance we have for the ecosystems we are dependant on. The mindset that espouses chemical warfare ( Battle of the Birds?)against natural systems originated in the trenches of WW1. The chemicals used and the method of application may have differed, but the thinking persists: that poisoning is a good thing to do.

    As a landcares scientist said: 1080 travels easily through food chains. When you see a dead deer that's covered in dead maggots you see the reality of that statement. Or watch a dog slowly die, that has eaten rotten meat, months after the poison is laid.
    This is the reality of what we are visiting on our back country, and this year, more than ever before is going to be applied. It's actually some form of insane behaviour.
    It's a big business though worth millions, and big business is always insane. The Government holds all the cards. It owns the poison pellet factory, the scientists that study it are all employed by the government and government agencies ensure that the appropriate propaganda is put out. Speak out and you are looking for new employment. It's a simple rule.
    I come from a small village in Te Urewera. Fortunately tuhoe will never allow it in their park, but neighbouring Whirinaki is to be done again. Despite the fact that local young men have been usefully employed trapping stoats and possums, the first of 3 1080 drops over 6 years is going ahead. Contracts have been cancelled in preparation. There has been, and will not be, any meetings with Minginui people to explain what is going on.
    So while I don't condone the milk powder threat, which apparently used a grade of 1080 powder only available to a few in the industry, I can sympathise with the frustration behind it.
    We cannot continue to poison Nature in this way and not expect some effects on ourselves. Everything is connected ( science tells us this) and every toxin has its price. DDT, Agent Orange et al, and now the supposedly innocuous Round-up have had their day.
    Our whole thinking on this matter has gone down a dead end road. It's a sad situation.
    For people who applaud the use of 1080, I suggest you go and visit, and talk , with people who live near the forests where it's used. You won't find many supporters , if any at all
    I liken, the use of 1080 on our forests, to the pouring of acid on music. It's an extremely cruel and criminal act.
    Stop the drop.

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