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  • Hard News: #GE2015: Proper Mad, in reply to Jen Ferguson,

    One can only hope that this result at least triggers a deeper constitutional conversation - PR, an elected upper house, devolved/federalised system re: Scotland...

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  • Hard News: #GE2015: Proper Mad,

    I voted this morning, casting for Labour in a very blue seat. It all felt rather quaint, after only experiencing NZ MMP elections. Local church on the common as the polling station, booths that were akin to old school desks, a pencil to cross out my (single) choice. Voting in NZ seems light years ahead.

    The single vote is what I found particularly odd, since in reality my vote is only worth about .128 of a vote. It is actually more a symbolic exercise of democracy, rather than actually having a say in who runs the country.

    Talking to my English colleagues and friends, nearly everyone is more than a little confused about who to vote for. There is a general sense that Cameron and the Tories are more than a bit shit, but that Labour as a replacement may not be all that much better.

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